Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Hello There, It's Genevieve

"You'll sit alone forever,
If you wait for the right time,
What are you hoping for?
I'm here, I'm now, I'm ready,
Holding on tight,
Don't give away the end,
The one thing that stays mine."

I've hit 2010 running and don't want to loose this new found sense of drive. I can't say that I never slack or procrastinate, but for the most part I'm very goal oriented and am definitely a perfectionist. This becomes a problem when you combine it with the fact that I'm a relentless socialite and people pleaser. I do what I want, but more often than not, I do what I think is expected of me. I hate it. So now I'm saying, "F*ck it!", I want to live my life, I vote for the dance party... no regrets, no over analyzing, no gimmicks, just giving, receiving and loving.

I want to live life and always be true.
I want to fly and never come down.

Genevieve's 2010 Goals

Let's be honest, I drew my goals out on some graph paper with various colored pens and eventually had it laminated. I can't help myself sometimes, I'm organized to the point of slight OCD. Here they are categorized, ordered by importance and thought through thoroughly. 
Personal Goals
1. Exercise on a semi-regular basis.
- I used to be really good about thsi in college, but then my body miraculously found a fast metabolism in the past year and have gotten lazy. I really want to be dedicated to my health again. Some options may include...
        - Running 2 times a week
        - Taking Mr. Keith Moon for walks
        - Biking ( I need to buy a bike once the wather warms up)

2. Get published in Relevant Magazine for a CD review.
        - I had an internship writing publicity and media relases for a local music promoter my junior year and had too much fun. I am absolutely in love with Relevant Magazine. Put the two together and you get a CD review. 

3. Travel to the Pacific Northwest
        - It seems to be the mecca for iconic indie musicians, so obviously I have to see it for myself. PLUS Donald Miller lives in Portland...

4. Go to Australia
       - I got back from Europe last May and had an international traveling itch. Australia is the next destination on my list. 

5. Be a good owner to Mr. Keith Moon
       - He is my best friend and companion. I want to care for him as much as he cares for me.

Church/Spiritual Goals
 1. Lead worship reflective of God's heart
     - I've been playing and leading worship at churches since I was 15. I don't want it to become a fact of life, but instead a journey and pure emotive experience every time I step foot on that stage.

2. Participate in local community outreach and serve more williningly.
    - I can talk the talk, but can I walk the walk?

3. Learn, grow and love in my personal relationships and friendships.
    - I am a social person, sometimes to my detriment. I want to make my interactions, conversations and love intentional. Most importantly I need to escape from toxic relationships I've been trapped in and seek genuine people in return.

Musical Goals
 1. Play our first show :) and hopefully have many to follow!
   - I'm in the beginnings of a band and am excited for what is to come. 

2. Record an EP
    -  I've always been kind of shy with sharing my music, but I'm not afraid anymore.

Educational Goals
1. Apply to grad school
   - I've been out of college for over a year now. I'm ready to pursue higher reaches in my academic career. 

Career Goals
1. Push myself at my current job and ultimately learn deeper facets of the industry.
    - I want to be an irreplaceable asset for my company, not a commodity.

2. Always keep my options open for networking, going on tour, working internationally or landing my dream job

Entrepreneurial Goals
1. Make Hear Us Loud! happen
     - I've been threatening to start a social justice company for a while.

2. Put on benefit concerts and a few house shows.
    - Not only do I love to perform, I love producing and booking.

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