Friday, March 5, 2010

My Name is Sarah and I'm an Underachiever

So now it's my turn.

In our group I’m not exactly the "driven" or "goal oriented" one.  I think Jackie and Genny definitely wear those hats a bit better than I do.   I'm more of the flighty, random, attention deficit friend.  I've been called a "free spirit," but really the way I act is usually due to fear- mostly fear of failing and sometimes fear of actually doing something constructive for once (can't set the bar too high you know).  But it's like Anais Nin said- "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Most all of the goals I set for myself end up being forgotten or not followed through on. And after many many let downs, I just stopped setting goals for myself all together; and the drifting began.
It’s time to get past that, though.  It’s time to get past a lot of things, actually.  People, places, bad attitudes, and maybe even a broken heart.  A new decade has just begun and with it bringing  another chance to make something of myself, to live and tell a good story.
I’m not sure what I’m going to learn along the way.  The mystery’s part of the fun I guess.  But I know this kind of personal challenge and discourse with the world will end in anything but complacency.  I do know that going through this with two of my very closest friends is one of the best things about it.  There is certainly a sense of sisterhood that arises out of something like this- when women band together to experience the world in a very real and challenging way.
Some of my goals are silly short things, some are seriously terrifying and will take some time.  I’m putting it all out there for you to see.  There’s sure to be some exciting victories and times when I don’t measure up.  I hope you’ll ride it all out with me.  It certainly feels good to have you along.  
Drum roll please...

Sarah's Goals for 2010

  1. Lose as much weight as possible.  But, you know, like in a good way- Oh jeeze.  I can't believe I'm blogging about this.
  2. Get all A’s at least one semester- School and I don’t exactly jive, never have.  But this year, that’s changing.
  3. Incorporate Artist Dates once a week- Ah Artist Dates.  So fun in theory and yet so difficult to commit to.
  4. Finish one of my two writing projects- I’ll be honest, I avoid them out of fear.
  5. Get something published- This one makes me want to throw up, which means it must be a good one.  Right?
  6. Get out of the city once a week, out of the state once a month, out of the country once a year- I forgot who first came up with this formula for a balanced and well-traversed life but I’d like to start living it.  If anyone has some awesome destinations around the state and country I need to visit, I’m compiling a list and would love your input!
  7. Read through all of Austen- What can Dear Jane teach me?  Unreal expectation about love?  Who cares.  
  8. Discover 10 new things/places/people in Denver- Because you should really appreciate where you live.
  9. Make our Apt our home- We have lived here far too long to have this little evidence of it.
  10. Art from Ashes Internship- My first jump into journal therapy
  11. Learn Creole/French- See number 12 for relevance.  This is where shiz gets real.
  12. Go to Haiti and do journal therapy- Not so much scary as a bit dodgy.  Not sure it’s possible, for various reasons you’ll hear about later, but I’ll do everything I can to get back there and help where I’m called.
  13. Embrace my crafty side.  Learn to sew, crochet, paste, and spread glitter around on construction paper- Glitter: The Herpes of the Craft World.  

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