Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sarah's Lack of Vitamin D is Bringin Her Down

I am easily distracted and a wonderful excuse maker.

I could pretty much leave this post at that one sentence.  You'd know all you need to know about my progress and what I've accomplished this week.  For someone with ADD, multiple obligations, and a general case of the "hum drums" that come with the end of Winter, I'm having a hard time finding the inspiration needed to leave the city once a week, go on artists dates, decorate our apartment, and write the great American novel- on top of school, work, two other blogs, and the opposite sex (well, not "on top of the opposite sex" ... you catch my drift).

But again, those are just excuses, and I am wonderful at making them.  From here on out, I'll be setting some small goals, week by week, to keep me on track.  This week I'll be focusing on artists dates and the Art from Ashes internship.  I am so easily distracted I keep forgetting I actually need to apply before I can start working for them. 

Don't worry, my posts are bound to become more interesting at some point.  I promise.

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