Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Says Hello

I tried to post last week.  I really did.  But as I sat on the floor of my half empty room, sweltering heat swirling around my head and the weight of a late night (early morning?) hanging down on my eyelids, all the words that came out sounded flat and meaningless.

Let's flash forward to today- I'm sitting at the Random House Cafe on Alberta, the sky is overcast and the breeze outside is refreshing.  I have a vanilla latte in front of me (because that's what Jackie always orders and I miss her today).  I'm not in Denver anymore, but I don't feel entirely out of place.  Things don't feel unfamiliar to me here- you know that uncomfortable feeling you get in a a different place you just don't get.  No, things just feel new here.  Things feel good here too.

The weeks leading up to this moment in this cafe on this street in Portland have been many things: a whirlwind, emotionally draining, emotionally encouraging, but mostly unforgettable.  I've been trying to come up with a word to describe what it feels like to have people in your life that love you enough to go along with a long and ridiculous list created solely to satisfy my every whim.  Things like going to Lakeside and camping out in the back yard.  Acting like an 8 year old at Water World and ambushing friends just to make sure I got to see them before I left.  That word still evades me, but perhaps a wordsmith greater than myself will think of something.  During those weeks, I had about one emotional outburst every day- whether my friends knew about it or not- not because I was afraid to go to Portland and leave them behind, but because I was afraid they'd leave me too.  I guess I should stop talking in past tense here because it's a fear that's sticking around.

I am afraid that I'll come back home and things will be different- because things were really great when I left.  I'm afraid I'll come back and my good friends will be acquaintances.  No matter how much they say it won't happen, I still worry.

I don't worry about falling on my face here.  I don't worry about finding a job, or doing well in school, or living in a place that suites me.  I worry about my relationships and my community- it was something I was just starting to get the hang of before I left and now I worry it won't be there when I come home.

This post isn't about my goals so to speak, it's just to say hello, and that I miss you.  It's to say I want to work hard to still be your friend from far away.  It's to say come visit me soon and let's write letters.  It's to say I promise to not forget your birthday and will you call me on mine?  It's to say I'm doing okay, don't worry about me, and how are you?  And it's to say I love you.  More than anything it's about that.

If you're so inclined, leave me your address in the comments section (or email) and I'll send you letters or postcards :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jackie - The Road Trip

I have gotten some things done in the last couple weeks! Turns out it wasn't on my list, but I feel accomplished anyway and wanted to share. Since Sarah's been doing some cleaning out and packing, I felt inspired to do my own. I got rid of an entire bag of clothes and twice that much "junk!" And I'm feeling pretty good about the situation. It feels so much nicer to have less stuff. Especially with 2 moves on the horizon.

My landlady said I could move into the one-bedroom in our building for a couple months and keep paying the same amount of rent. And I couldn't say no to that! But, moving 15 feet is gonna stink. [Who wants to help?? :)]. I still might move in with the folks for a couple months to get a jump start on paying down the debt, but I couldn't say no to her offer to stay on Columbine St. a little bit longer.

Since I haven't been working on my goals, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what I have been doing. We've been marking things off Sarah's bucket list like crazy! She hasn't posted... probably because she's been too busy doing the list and having breakfast with a lot of people before she goes... and I don't want to steal her thunder, but here's what's been going on.

Lipgloss... twice.
Buffalo Exchange
Leela's for chai
Water World
Lost Lake Lounge
Camping in the backyard
Show at the Marquis
Watercourse for breakfast
Planning something secret... hee, hee
City O' City
Wolf Pack Hangout
Making new friends [that wasn't on the list, but we did it anyway for good measure]
Having people over... a lot
She-wolf Hangout
Going Away Party
Feels like there was more. Sarah... what am I missing?

But now it's time for the big move. I mapped a route, found us a place to stay half-way and acquired us 20-some-odd hours of Harry Potter on CD. Sarah got her car service and acquired us road snacks. All we have left to do is load up the car and head out in the morning.

Watch out, Portland, here we come!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Don't You Take A Breather, Genevieve

Well, it is officially summer folks. I'm sort of following suit to what Jackie posted last week... I've been slacking (I haven't posted in a month! eep) and I apologize, but it's all for good reason. For the past month or so I've been really focusing on friends and deepening some great relationships I have. And as Jackie mentioned, Sarah is about to head out for the adventure of her life and we're trying to give her a good send off! On top of that, I flew out to Los Angeles this last weekend for some amazing R&R with two fantastic friends out there. And two other life long friends are flying to Denver for some vacation for the next week or so, so of course I'll be running around with them. I promise to get back on the regular posts this upcoming week and not leave you all hanging!

Here is an update on my goals and what they look like at the moment::

Genevieve's 2010 Goals

Personal Goals
1. Exercise on a semi-regular basis.
- Some options may include...
- Running 2 times a week - Have NOT been doing this
- Taking Mr. Keith Moon for walks - Keith actually has to loose 4 lbs., vets orders, haha
- Biking - I got a bike and am loving it!

2. Get published in Relevant Magazine for a CD review.
- I have to admit, I sort of forgot about this one...

3. Travel to the Pacific Northwest
- Since Sarah will be there now to stay with! I am looking into dates in late September:)

4. Go to Australia
- When my best friend & travel buddy, Steph, comes into town next week, we are going to buy our tickets!

5. Be a good owner to Mr. Keith Moon
- I am slowly adding more dates to my calendar to have him at my apartment, we took him for his yearly check up last month and am looking forward to his birthday in August:)

Church/Spiritual Goals
1. Lead worship reflective of God's heart
- I was able to gain reflection and inspiration at my home church, Rock Harbor, out in LA last week. I'm also planning a worship night within the next few months.

2. Participate in local community outreach and serve more williningly.
- July is missions month at Scum of the Earth, what perfect timing.
3. Learn, grow and love in my personal relationships and friendships.
- This has ended up being a HUGE focus of my life within the past month and a half and I have grown leaps and bounds in my personal relationships.
Musical Goals
1. Play our first show :) and hopefully have many to follow!
- This one looks a little different, but I'm working on it... kind of top secret at the moment;)
2. Record an EP
- I am saving money and writing songs...

Educational Goals
1. Apply to grad school
- The application process has started! I've picked 7 schools to apply to and am slowly working on the pieces to fit together the puzzle.

Career Goals
1. Push myself at my current job and ultimately learn deeper facets of the industry.
- This summer has definitely been a challenge for me at work. The concert schedule has gotten ridiculously busy, but I feel as though I'm gaining irreplaceable experience.
2. Always keep my options open for networking, going on tour, working internationally or landing my dream job.
- In the works;)

Entrepreneurial Goals
1. Make Hear Us Loud! happen
- I've been threatening to start a social justice company for a while.

2. Put on benefit concerts and a few house shows.
- I have put on two benefit shows this year and am working towards the house show... if it is feasible with the residential zoning that I live in.