Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sarah and the Art of Counting Down

Things I like about the gym: The steam room (even the old men that frequent it.  Those guys are punchy), the hot tub, unlimited hot water in the showers, lot's of counter space for getting ready, Willa- the 80 year old artist that shares that counter space with me, and the guy with the lovely green eyes that picks up his kids the same time I pick up mine (I'm a nanny, not a mom- just so we're clear).

Things I don't like about the gym: Working out.

That Love/Hate relationship with running I talked about before is running a little thin on the "love" lately (absolutely no pun intended).  I'm tired of being sweaty, smelly and out of breath.  My attention span has been about 3 minutes lately and that does not bode well when it takes about 25 minutes just to run two miles- not to mention all the lifting, pressing and squeezing that has to come after that.

But I am begrudgingly plugging away, feeling like I'm making absolutely no headway- numbers wise.  But, in an effort of full disclosure, I would like to publicly announce that I do believe my booty is shrinking.  Huzzah!

I've been thinking about the cheer uniform gag I've been yammering on about.  I'd hate to think anyone was taking me seriously when I said that.  Heh... yeah.  Honestly though, that may happen someday; but for now I'd like to make a smaller yet measurable goal for you all follow along with.  And here it is:

This summer I will be throwing myself a birthday party.  I'm partially telling you this so you'll come.  The last time I threw myself a big birthday party nearly no one came- it was my Sweet Sixteen by the way.  But this isn't about old high school scars.  There will be a theme and it will be fan-freakin-tastic. What that theme will be is yet to be seen: but I bought a dress at the Buffalo Exchange for ten dollars and I'm going to wear it damn it.  Only problem is that it's a bit snug around the everywhere region.  So the goal is to fit into that dress by July 26th or thereabouts.  And you can all come, bring me presents and tell me how great I look.  Sounds like a fabulous birthday to me!

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