Friday, April 30, 2010

Life ain't meant to come around twice, Genevieve

Sometimes you get caught thinking about doing, but not actually acting on your thinking. That was me this week. I've been planning and taking the precursor steps to many things I want to happen this year, which is very necessary, but now the hard part comes. I have to follow through. Here's to following through::

Real By Lupe Fiasco
My man said he wanted somethin real.
Somethin he could recognize, somethin he could feel.
Baby girl said she was in the mood for somethin real.
Somethin that could make her move
Somethin she could feel.

Lust sometimes can override trust
She said that's why she gave it up
My man said blood spilled out of everything he touched
He crushed everything he crushed
Ruined everything he loved, he just wanted to rush
Blamed it on the times bein rough
Doin dirt, with the devil, chasin after the dust
Make a fuss, if it's them, but we hush, if it's us

That's why, my momma said she wanted somethin real.
Somethin she could be proud of, somethin she could feel.
She said they so used to not havin nuttin real.
That they don't know how to act
They don't know how to feel.

Life! ain't meant to come around twice
Yeah, that's why I gotta get it right
They said I got it honest now I gotta give it life
But sleep on it, that's why God give you night
I mean, I had a dream that, God gave me flight
Too fly for my own good so, God gave me plight
If I wake up in the mornin now I gotta give 'em sight
Make 'em see, break 'em free, ain't a G, sho' you right

The game is not to give 'em nuttin real.
Nothin they could use, nuttin that they could feel.
Give 'em a bunch of lies and teach 'em that it's real.
So that's all that they a-know
That's all that they a-feel.

Struggle... yeah yeah, another sign that God love you
Cause on the low, bein po', make you humble
Keep they names in my rhymes to try and keep them out of trouble
Cause bein po', also teach you how to hustle
All they want is some shoes or some rims for they bubble
Now that I got my own, I can hit them with a couple
Couple, my homies so they ain't got no reason to cuff you
That's my plan, if I can, on the man, up above you

That's why, I gotta give 'em somethin real.
Somethin they could recognize, somethin they could feel.
To my homies on the block I gotta give 'em somethin real.
Somethin that'll make 'em stop
Somethin they can feel.

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