Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Steps, Genevieve, Baby Steps.

I'm probably one of the most impatient people I know. It's definitely not a quality that I pride myself in and a lot of the time it makes me anxious. Anxious that I made the right decision, anxious to know the outcome... but then I have to take a breather, give myself a pep talk and remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day. I've been taking baby steps towards my ultimate goals and that's good. I'm learning to take joy in the process and keep it all in perspective, which sometimes is all you really can do. Here are some steps that I've currently been taking::

Church/Spiritual Goals:
2. Participate in local community outreach and serve more willingly.
*** SLOWLY but surely I'm selling the stuff I cleaned out of my closet last week. It's hard to make time to go to different consignment stores, the Good Will and start up an Ebay account for selling, but it's happening.***

***I've also been thinking that serving at The Denver Rescue Mission sometime in May would be something that could be impactful. Who wants to join me? I would love to get a group together :)***

3. Learn, grow and love in my personal relationships and friendships.
***This has become a huge factor within the past month and I've really been learning who my true, life long friends are. I love the beauty of people!***

Educational Goals:
1. Apply to grad school
***Grad school is actually on my radar, this is a big step, because for so long it's been this blob out on the distant horizon. I'm actually thinking about the different aspects that need to be in place in order to apply in 4 months.***

Career Goals:
1. Push myself at my current job and ultimately learn deeper facets of the industry.
***I got my yearly review this last week and it was so encouraging. I'm now more inspired to learn! We're also hiring on an assistant for the concert department, so that makes me a... boss... WHAT??!***

2. Always keep my options open for networking, going on tour, working internationally or landing my dream job.
***I'm in the midst of some emails setting up a lunch with our production manager. He's definitely a key person to know in the Denver music scene and I asked him if I could pick his brain and ask for advice. He agreed.***

Entrepreneurial Goals:
1. Make Hear Us Loud! happen.
2. Put on some benefit concerts and a few house shows.
***These two goals have combined themselves with some further brainstorming. I'm pretty excited about the outcome, but it's all about the follow through. I've been grabbing drinks, sending emails and making phone calls with some interested parties. It's a matter of time.***

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