Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jackie - Checkin' Out the Big City

I don't have anything profound to say this week. [Surprising, I know!]

School has me insanely busy right now. I'm in two ensembles, therefore two concerts this month; plus, this semester is my sophomore proficiency and on top of trying to get myself ready for that vocally, I'm also trying to learn the piano so that I can accompany myself. So I was thinking, it mighty be good to have a couple informal concerts before the big day to run through my music and get more comfortable performing it in front of people. If you're interested in coming to listen let me know so I can tell you when they'll be happening!

Here's what I've gotten done this week.

Goal 1:: Teach
I contacted a friend of mine who teaches piano and is quite good at it. Hopefully we can get together soon so I can get some pointers since my first student is interested in playing piano. I plan on talking to another friend of mine also who is a music teacher to get her insights.

Goal 3:: Reconnect
Who should I get together with this month... ?

Goal 6:: Redefine spirituality
I decided to put this one on hold until the summer. I'm pretty occupied finishing the semester and thought this deserved more attention than I can give at the moment.

Goal 7:: Be frugal.
Two words: tax return. That's right, folks, since I'm still in school I got a pretty nice tax return. Also, I've been good at keeping my spending to a bare minimum and was able to put a few more Benjamins toward the effort. I did break my no-paying-for-parking rule a couple times ... *sigh*

Goal 5:: Take 2 of 4 Trips
This goal has me most excited. I've been looking at plane tickets almost non-stop and had something almost definite planned... until the ticket price tripled. Ugh.

I'm thinking about taking a road trip with my roommate to Dallas later in May, but no details have been confirmed, so don't quote me on that just yet.

The big news is this: NEW YORK CITY IN NOVEMBER! I am unbelievably excited. My friend Joe, in Nashville, is turning 30 and wants to do it right, so he and Leah are getting the crew together to go rock the big city! I told them to count me in no matter what. Seriously, people, I have wanted to visit New York City since I can remember and I am excited beyond words. Every time I watch How I Met Your Mother [which happens to be my favorite tv show so I watch it a lot] I dream about visiting and now I get the chance! 

*If you were sitting next to me you'd see me jittering like an excited little school girl.*

BUT wait, there's more! Not only do I get the city... and Joe and Leah, but I get to see Marcus, too! It's like a trifecta of big city goodness.

I might explode of excitedness.

*Deep breaths, Jackie. It's not for 7 months.*

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