Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jackie: I'm Off!

Here's the deal: I'm annoyed.

It's rather petty, I realize, and I really should just let it all go because it really doesn't matter. And usually I can do just that, but as the semester drags on and my patience continues to diminish I find myself more and more annoyed.

[PS... What's even more annoying is those people who go on and on about things that annoy them. Check out if you want an example.]

Here I am, trying to deal with my heinous schedule, getting ready for my sophomore proficiency [which is in 11 days!] and trying to write 4 papers ... and on top of it all, the stupidest things are making me nuts.

And that is one reason I'm about to make a big announcement: I'm going to Tennessee for the weekend! I'll be leaving my house in the morning at 5am and will be hanging out with some of my dearest friends before most of you will be at work. And it will be a glorious weekend among good company, in a slower paced life, eating good food all the way until Monday afternoon.

*Sigh* Now if I can just get everything done I need to get done before I leave...

PS... I realize I haven't exactly accomplished or worked on accomplishing any of my goals the past few weeks. =/ But don't fret just yet, school is almost done and then I'll be back in action.

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  1. 1) Yay for 5am!! Is starbucks open that early? I hope so. I'm a biter.
    2) I'm glad you're fiiiiinally going to make it out. You're going to have a fantastic time and I'm jealous :)
    3) ew, south dakota


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