Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Go Ride A Bike, Genevieve!

I'll admit, this isn't the most ground-breaking entry of my postings to this blog thus far... BUT I finally met a goal of mine and it was fun! I got a bike.

I've been pining and saving away for one for about a year now. The entirety of last summer I yearned just to be a part of Denver cruisers for a night or to breeze through the park on a sunny afternoon and now I can! My friend Shannon and I went to an expo a few weeks back and perused the racks upon racks of shiny new bikes. I rode a few through the parking lot, but knew from the moment I laid my eyes on MY bike that it was the one for me. Ever since then, I've been getting up early on mornings to slice through the fresh air in Cheeseman and am starting to commute to work via bike. Some co-workers and I are even planning to join the Wild, Wild West Denver cruisers night next week and I couldn't be more excited! I've been able to exercise and enjoy the outdoors more within the past two weeks than I have in a long time. I'm grateful to be able to embrace a healthy life style again and have fun doing it. It's been refreshing to say the least.

So here's to fun summer mornings, afternoons and evenings riding my bike! You may also submit applications to join my bike gang in the comment box below ;)

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  1. Alejandro Fernando
    22 Years Old 8/20/87
    1201 Kalamath St #103
    Denver, CO 80204

    Bicycle Institute - Instructor

    Background & Highlights:
    Write up in 2 regional newspaper articles in 2007
    Many mentions in on-line magazines for my 3rd place Downieville Pro-DH finish; 2007
    2007 Oregon state DH Champ
    Honorable mentions on the WTB website several times in 2006.
    Pictured in the September ‘06 issue of Decline Magazine.
    11 years of DH & XC Racing at National (15 NORBA National DH) and Local levels
    OBRA Oregon State Overall Series DH Pro Class State Champion 5 of last 7 Years

    2007-08 Hayes contact; Richard Travis
    2007- WTB contact; Mark Weir
    2006-’07-08 Gamut USA contact; Michael Poutre
    2005-2006 Mountain Cycle contact; Rob Lindberg (503)-294-1012
    2003-2006 Arrow Racing contact; Gus Gustafson (541)-471-7212

    35th Sea Otter Classic (Pro DH)
    Medford Mail Tribune Article as seen on my Blog
    1st Spring Thaw DH (and new course record)
    11th Spring Thaw XC (on townie bike)
    2nd Mt Ashland 12 Mile Super D
    3rd Downieville Classic Pro DH
    16th Downieville Classic Pro XC
    9th Downieville Classic All Mtn
    3rd State Games of Oregon at Mt Hood Pro DH
    1st OBRA Pro DH State Championships (2007 Oregon State Champ)
    1st Scotty Graham Memorial Pro DH at Mt Hood – news paper article–
    and there’s still the cross season & a few fall Norcal DH races
    first full season as Pro
    25th Sea Otter Classic (DH-pro)
    46th Sea Otter Classic (Dual Slalom-pro)
    2nd Spring Thaw DH, Ashland, OR. May 7th
    2nd Mt Ashland 12 mile Super D Ashland, OR. June 11th
    2nd Big Foot Classic DH Arcata, CA. July 2nd
    9th Downieville Classic Super D Downieville, CA. July 22nd
    2nd Oregon State DH Championships Willamette Pass, OR. Aug 13th
    4th Mt Hood DH Finals, Mt Hood, OR. September 9th
    3rd Bidwell Bump Pro XC, Chico, CA September 16th
    1st Bidwell Bump Pro Super D, Chico, CA. September 17th
    Fall 2006 Cyclocross season;
    4th overall in points for Oregon state series mens A’s
    1st in all Southern Oregon Cyclocross races
    4th Sea Otter Classic (DH semi-pro)
    Broken Ankle for remainder of Season
    1st Oregon Bicycle Racing Association Downhill Point Series - Pro Class
    1st Oregon State Downhill Point Series - Pro Class
    1st Spring Thaw DH - Pro Class
    1st Mt Hood DH Spring DH - Pro Class
    1stt Willamette Pass Spring DH - Pro Class
    2nd Mt Hood DH Summer Finals - Pro Class
    2nd Willamette Pass Summer Finals DH - Pro Class
    1st Oregon Bicycle Racing Association Downhill Point Series - Pro Class
    1st T&E Challenge DH - Pro Class
    1st Spring Thaw DH - Pro Class
    1st Mt Hood DH Spring DH - Pro Class
    2nd Willamette Pass Spring DH - Pro Class
    2nd State Games Race DH Pro Class
    2nd State Championship Race DH Pro Class
    Goals for 2008
    Win Oregon State Championships
    Win Downieville Classic Super D & (Podium XC)
    Top 10 at all West Coast NORBA Nationals
    Top 15 at Sea Otter Classic DH (top 20 in Slalom)
    Podium all regional level races
    References available upon request
    Nathan Riddle: Biking Resume 2006

    OK so this isn't my real resume but if I had a bike it would be on!
    maybe i can ride on the handle bars in my western gear... let me know


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