Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jackie - Silent September

I decided to try somewhat of an experiment this month. I called it: Silent September.

Here's what it entails: no tv and no music... ok, some music, but only classical, ambient and music I'm working on for school.

The idea was tri-fold. [Is that how you say two-fold +1?]

First, I finally got a schedule worked out... you know, that one I was talking about where I wasn't scheduled for 12 hours a day in hopes of engaging the things I actually want to make my life about? That whole scheduling issue at school threw a little wrench in things, but I have a schedule with considerably more wiggle room than I've had in the last year and I don't want to get in the habit of wasting this extra time watching tv... which is really, really tempting. [As a side note, I'm so glad they cut the school's budget, raised tuition and spent millions of dollars on a new registration system that is horrible and does things like arbitrarily change course information to list it at the wrong time.]

Second, I've had a lot of stuff happen in the past few months. A lot. And most of it pretty craptastic. And at the same time, I've bee so go-go-go that my thinking and processing have gotten back logged. And this back-log is causing stress and anxiety like I've never had before. [I apologize to any one with anxiety that I've ever misunderstood -- this is horrible.] That was the main cause of the no music rule. What it really means is that I'm taking all the time I spend in the car and instead of passing the time, letting the tunes entertain me, I'm engaging the time to let my mind sort some stuff out.

Third, I am attempting to exercise more and tv tends to get in the way. That's all I'll say about that at the moment.

Oh, and side reason... Donald Miller gave up tv, so I figured... erm... I should stop here before I say something embarrassing.

So far it's been amazing! I've taken to working on one project per evening when I'm at home instead of watching tv. I'm caught up on my school reading [which is a lifetime first], I fixed an antique dresser, I have done a ton of cleaning up and cleaning out, AND I finally started going through my box [+ bag + pile] of papers and other things I've never known what to do with. That's right, turning off the tv has helped me attempt Goal 9:: Clean out my box. And my car time has definitely become good thinkin' time

But don't be misinformed and think I've been perfect. I definitely finished Season 3 of "30 Rock" and watched the first disc of "My So Called Life." But I have also been housesitting for my aunt with a super big tv and a million channels and I'm proud to say I haven't turned it on once.

Also... in other news.
Finances: I think I've taken a major, huge, catastrphic set-back because I'm having trouble with my financial aid at school. I'll update on this when I know more. 

52 Posts: There are 52 weeks in a year and I committed to posting every week. We're half way through and it turns out I missed a few weeks. Don't be surprised if you hear from me a couple extra times this half of the year as I'm determined to have 52 things to post about.

Until next week...


  1. Isn't it amazing how much you can get done without tv?? Good job Jackie, keep it up! You've encouraged me to do the same. :)
    Sorry about your financial aid...anything I can help with? I miss you, let's hang out soon! (Like in the next two weeks, not the "soon" that never happens). If you can fit me in. :)

  2. Lisa... YES! Imma Facebook you. Let's make it happen for sure.


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