Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jackie - I'm living alone!

 [Note: This photo has nothing to do with my blog post, it's simply to show off Sarah and I's costumes for the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie. Amazing, right?]

I've written this post three times now. The first one was right after I moved across the hall and it was raving about how living alone is the only way to go. I had tons of motivation, I was being creative and getting lots of things done. I even picked a photo from Home Alone of Macaulay Culkin jumping on his parents bed saying, "I'm loving alone!"

The second time was couple weeks later after I came down with a stomach bug. I was alone and completely bored without a tv or Internet to entertain me, and I was missing my mom and Sarah who always take good care of me when I've been sick. I also learned that it's important as a single person to always have ginger ale around because I was in no shape to go get some when I needed it most.

Now it's been about six weeks and I think I've settled into a groove about what living alone looks like.

I'll start by saying, I think it was a great choice for me right now. It's nice to come home and be with just me. I've never been the introverted type, but I feel like I'm in the middle of one of those seasons that brings change and growth and all this alone-ness is giving me the opportunity to invest in what that looks like.

However [and that's a big however], I also find that living alone means a lot of accountability to myself. If I waste an entire evening [or week of evenings] lying on my couch doing absolutely nothing no one knows or even notices... just me. If I don't eat good meals and eat ice cream for breakfast no one knows... just me. If I live like a slob or don't wash the dishes for weeks no one knows... just me.

Maybe I'm late to the game, but I feel like all this living alone stuff is an entirely new way of experiencing all this deciding what my life should look like and what is worth the investment of my time.

Anyway, since this blog is about goals, I thought I'd update you on my financial goal. As of today, I only owe $1772.27 in credit card bills and $300 to my dad for my car. And I'm feeling pretty good about it since I started the blog with $3,300 of credit card debt, $1,100 of medical bills and a $700 debt to my dad. For us math nerds that means I've put $3,027.73 toward becoming debt free in the last 7 months!

My progress on this is probably going to slow down because I lost my second job a couple weeks ago [which I'm not entirely upset about since it was really stressing me out], but I still have hope I can get it all paid off by the end of 12 months.

I have other things to update on, but since I'm trying to get in 52 posts and I'm grossly behind, I'll save them for next time. Until then...



  1. Go Jackie, Go!! I'm so proud of you!! And if you're ever lonely and want to eat ice cream for breakfast, call me up--I'm there! :) PS...glad to finally see a post on your blog!

  2. Lisa,
    You're the best. Thanks for continuing to follow our journey!

    Oh, and my favorite ice cream for breakfast is Ben and Jerry's Berry Voluntary. It's white chocolate raspberry ice cream with raspberry swirls and white chocolate pieces. I figure raspberries are fruit and the cream part of ice cream is dairy. Right? :)

    Love you much!


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