Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Keith Moon Is Your Rockstar, Genevieve

The companionship of a dog is unexplainable. I always had the same dog, Henry, growing up. He passed away my senior year of high school. It was almost perfect timing, as odd as that my sound, like the signal to a new phase of life. The house seemed a bit empty when I came home for Christmas that year, but eventually I got used to it. Ever since then I've been running around from a class to a concert to work to moving to a new apartment every year of my college career to where it really wasn't feasible to have a pet.

My parents haven't welcomed any new animals into my childhood home since I graduated high school either. They've liked their freedom from responsibility of any pets and children and have been enjoying it for the past 5 years. That's why it came as a surprise last summer when my mom offered to buy me a pug. It went a little bit like this...
My parents and I were out to dinner. My dad kept going on about how he wanted a dog and my mom kept getting annoyed, saying that if they were going to move and travel as much as they were planning to, it just wasn't smart.Then she turned to me and asked,
"Don't you want a dog, Gen?"
"Well yea," I answered, "But I can't afford one right now."
"Is that all that's holding you back?"
"Yea, probably the main reason."
"What if your father and I paid the initial expense and got you a dog?"

Of course my answer was yes! My love for pugs has dated all the way back to being 12 and planning out my life with Prince William. It involved a cottage in the English countryside and a pug named, Sir Pugsley.

After our conversation, I started looking into buying a pug and decided to adopt from the Colorado Pug Rescue. I submitted my application, but wasn't holding my breath. The website said it could take up to 6 months to find the right fit for every applicant. But low and behold, the following week I got a call. The adoption agency foster mom brought him over for a visit and I FELL IN LOVE.

Mr. Keith Moon has been a warm addition to my life for the past year now. He has cheered me up in some emotionally trying times and always makes me laugh when he starts to snore at the foot of my bed. I hope that I have brought him the same comfort and a sense of home too.

Happy One Year Anniversary Mr. Keith Moon!

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