Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jackie: This Isn't Easy

What's not easy? This whole blog and sticking to my goals. I knew I'd get to this point and honestly, I didn't think I'd make it this long before I started to struggle with why I picked the goals I did and why I even thought this whole thing was a good idea. And all of that just means, it's a really good thing I'm involved with the blog or I'd never have any accountability to get anything done.

I have worked on one goal since we last talked and it means more traveling. Which is really more fun than cleaning out that box full of papers that just keeps staring at me with longing eyes.

I FINALLY convinced my sister to commit to take a trip up to Portland and visit our lifelong and dear friend, Kati. [Actually, she goes by Katrina these days -- which has been hard to get used to.] In August, Julie, my 19 month old nephew and I will be taking a trip to Portland! The traveling part is bound to be hilarious -- the two of us trying not to check more than one bag, traipsing through airports with carry-ons, the baby, stroller, diaper bags and, of course, our "personal items." [Yea for the airport and their all-too specific rules.]

So why this trip? Lots of reasons: we haven't seen Kati in years, my sister has been working harder than I have doing an accelerated paramedic program and needs a vacation, Lucas is 
cute and we need to show him off, I love Portland and Sarah might miss me by then.
Now the question is: what animal will we get?

... I also have a confession this week. I completely forgot about my goal of teaching lessons and that student who probably wonder's if I fell of the planet since I didn't call her in May like I said. [Props to Jeff for reminding me.] Argh, this is harder than I thought. I'll get that going this week and let you know how it goes.

Here's to another week to get back on the dust shaking wagon.


  1. Sarah will DEFINIETLY miss you by then.

  2. I'm sorry I'm making life hard on you. :)

  3. Sarah, you better! :)

    Kati, why don't I think you're really sorry? :) PS... Julie and I have been planning our baby-airplane traveling strategies. It's going to be an adventure including depriving him of a morning nap in hopes that he will sleep on one of us on the plane. And sleeping for him includes a lot of sweating, so one [or both of us] will be covered in baby sweat by the time we get there. Between that and managing all of our carry-ons, we're hoping you'll be able to come in a meet us a baggage claim to help us get to the car. :)

  4. Thanks for the props! I hope you are doing well! =)


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