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This is just the beginning, Genevieve: Part 1

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 Whenever I hear the haunting piano line that opens Aqualung's Memory Man, my heart stops. It's as if the song unlocks a well of hope and vision deep in my soul. I instantly start to dream. And for some reason, this week I found myself rummaging through stacks of CDs in the front room of my apartment in search of Memory Man. Maybe it's because I distinctly remember blasting through the Nevada desert on my way to LA summer of '07, sitting in shock on an airplane after my grandfather passed away or laying in the dark on my bed with ideas floating in my head, all listening to the same album. There are so many secrets embedded in those songs, but without fail every time I press play the music catalyzes excitement and I see that "tiny glimmer flickering on the horizon".

And personally that's where I'm at... this past year of setting out with purpose has been quite daunting, but completely fulfilling. I have taken risks and failed. I have dreamed and succeeded. But never have I been so content and happy with who I am and where I am headed. I finally took the time to let go of what I thought was expected of me or ultimately what I expected of myself. I just am.

I realize I've been missing on here for several months, but to be honest, I needed to disappear. Falling off the map sometimes is the most necessary step to placing yourself in the right spot the next time around. So, now that I've found my trajectory again, I'll fill you in with where I am and hopefully headed.

Genevieve's Goals 
(I'll be covering half in this entry and half in my final entry) 
Personal Goals:

  2. Get published in Relevant Magazine for a CD review or an online article.
            -This is one goal that I tried to no avail. I submitted a piece on the power of forgiveness back in November, but never heard anything back. I'm totally fine with it and I actually learned a lot from just simply writing the piece. If I ever feel inspired to write a CD review, I'll try that next.

3. Travel to the Pacific Northwest
            - It was so wonderful to discover the little nooks and neighborhoods of Portland and drive to Seattle for the day with Sarah:)

5. Be a good owner to Mr. Keith Moon.
            -The dog training this last fall was very beneficial and I keep instilling that into my little man every day. He truly is a joy and blessing in my life.

Church/ Spiritual Goals:
1.  Lead worship reflective of God’s heart.
            - I've found that worship is what God is calling me to musically right now. I am leading once a month at Corona Presbyterian and once a month at my church, Scum of the Earth. We had an all night of worship at Scum in January that was phenomenal and really pushed some boundaries of mine. I'm currently in the process of planning regular worship nights at varying houses and hopefully creating an interdenominational, multiple church lead services. The first one will be at my house at the end of March.

 Musical Goals:
1. Play our first show and hopefully have many to follow!!
            - This obviously looks a bit different than I initially intended it last year. Last year around this time I was in the beginnings of a band with several guys I grew up with. It fell through after a career change, people moving etc. BUT despite that, I have been playing shows and I love it:) Performing is definitely something that makes me tick and it has been delightful. I did two CD release shows as a part of my lovely friend's, Ms. Leslie Brown's ( backing band. I also played a set of original music and some covers for a benefit show at the beginning of this month.

Career Goals:
1. Push myself at my current job and ultimately learn deeper facets of the industry.
            -Over the past 6 months my job has done a complete 180. After a summer of grueling production hours and great frustration with my boss, I sat him down for a talk. We came to some understandings and he has handed me more creative control and ultimately more respect. I started the Discovery Artists Series every Thursday night in our Cafe to cultivate up and coming artists in the Denver folk scene. I book for our Tuft Theater more and am in charge of our Four Mile Park summer series. I'm making deals, working with a budget and have learned the ins and outs of booking. The company also just sent me to the International Folk Alliance last weekend to scout bands and I will be heading to Austin for SXSW in a few weeks as well.

Entrepreneurial Goals:

 2. Put on some benefit concerts and a few house shows.
            - Since July my church has been meeting at alternate churches, because of fire code remodeling that we have to get done before we can have large groups in our building again. I miss our building and it has been trying at times, but the congregation has really come together to raise the funds we need to get our building back. Another worship leader and I headed up a benefit concert at the beginning of February with Wovenhand and a handful of bands that go to Scum. We were able to raise $3,000 dollars and put on a great show.

             - Anthology Fine Art ( asked me to coordinate the music aspect of a recent benefit show they had for the Greenbacks of Colorado. The turn out was great and they were able to raise thousands of dollars for free rivers and lakes in Colorado. This has opened up to planning other shows with them. A local artist and I are currently planning a live screen printing event at the gallery in June. Working with multi-medium art shows has been such a growing experience! 

              - The house shows will come into play with the worship nights that I'm planning:) 

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  1. you are great.
    i love the house worship nights.
    not worshipping houses, worshipping at them.
    and i also love four mile park.


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