Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jackie - Blindsided

Have you ever had one of those seasons in life where everything is just swimming? A season where life feels content and the world seems full of possibilities; it's not perfect, but it seems like all the puzzle pieces fit together. You know, one of those times when there is this indescribable excitement for the future.

And then you get completely blindedsided.

That's what happened in my world in the 48 hours from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon. It's past the point where up feels down, and down feels up. I'm not even sure what up and down feel like any more. Or maybe up and down don't even exist. I think they do; I'm just not sure where to find them. 

It's a little like getting blindfolded and spun around, and then expected to pin the mustache on Benito Juarez... or a tail on a donkey.

Except multiply that times 4.

So... the of the Shake the Dust year... yeah, that came up a little unexpectedly also. But I still have 4 weeks. You'll be hearing from me again soon.

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