Friday, December 31, 2010

Jackie - You Are Uniquely You

I have great news! And I can't believe I forgot to share it with you a few weeks ago. My check engine light turned off! I added some oil, talked to her gently and the check engine light is no longer staring me down every time I drive my car. Maybe you're like me and you're thinking, that car is pretty old, is it possible the light just burned out? Except that whenever I start my car and all the lights in my dash come on, it let's me know it still works. [Unlike my gas light, which really did burn out.]

Here's the bad news: my car got totaled last week. I was in a small accident, but my 13 year old Honda Accord took the brunt of the damage and the estimate to repair her is over $4,200. The upside of this is that they think my 13 year old Honda Accord is worth almost $5,000. I'm sure I won't get the whole amount, but that's a great start to a down payment. As far as it affects my financial goal - I don't think it will too much. I chatted it through with Financial Guru Lisa and if I can keep my car loan payment less than my current credit card payments, I'll be just fine. [Spoiler Alert: That means those credit card payments are about to go away soon!]

The other good news is that my cousin, Kaleigh is going to be flying in on Sunday to spend a few days with the family. She is one of my favorites so I'm looking forward to spending a few days reconnecting with her. I'll let you know how it goes.

The last day of the year is a great time for reflection. So I'm including a piece I wrote for the current issue of the magazine I work for. As you're considering the year behind - all the things you wanted to accomplished and all the things you wish you'd accomplished but didn't... and as you're considering the year ahead - all the things you'd like to accomplish and the items from that list you might be doubting... consider the fact that you are who you are on purpose.

You Are Uniquely You
Consider this.
And really take the
time to think about
it. You are unique.
There will never be
anyone else who can
fit into your mold.

And that was on

Reflect on the detail
put into creating
your physical body.
Think about the oneof-
a-kind way you
taste food, make
and grow babies and
see color and all the
complex processes
your body carries
out every day.

Examine the way
your mind works.
Ponder the individual
way you experience
emotions, think
about complex
ideas, enjoy others
and love deeply.

Contemplate what
makes you — you.
The combination of
your genetics, life
experiences and
choices are exclusive
only to you.

And consider that it
was all on purpose.
You are uniquely
you. And you are
loved for exactly
who you are.

-Jackie Alvarez
Originally appeared in November/December 2010 MomSense magazine. Used with Permission.

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